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I'm curious to see the rest of this game. It's really fun and makes me wonder what the story can expand into. Great job on episode 2

Thank you for playing! We’re glad you enjoyed and can’t wait to have you try Ep. 3! Great job on the video :)


Played the first one in a 3 scary games video but this one deserved its own. Loved it!  

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Thank you for playing! We’re glad you liked it :D great video; we can’t wait to get episode 3 to you :) the intro ROFL


I can't wait for episode 3!  Ill be brainstorming in the meantime for the intro haha!  Glad you enjoyed the intro!


I enjoyed this. The first one was a pretty good setup and this one expanded well upon the idea. 

I liked finding secrets in it. Not sure if i got them all though. 

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Thank you for playing and for your feedback! It’s super helpful. Great video too, we watched the whole thing x) Hope you enjoyed :) 

P.S. there is some correlation with the prison cells. In the first episode you can find the area from the loading screen as well ;)


Thanks for watching, glad you liked it!


The Concept is super interesting, i have never heard of any game about sock puppets before, ha.  

Now, i see what you"re going for here, but i really believe the game is missing something, maybe a threat or an enemy ? I'm not sure, although the gun isn't just for breaking crates, isn't it ? 

Here is my playthrough , as well as additional feedback if you'd like to give it a watch :)

Thank you for playing and for your feedback! So, the reason we didn’t add an enemy in the second one (which may or may not have been a good decision) is because we were saving it for Ep. 3. Our plan for each episode was:

Episode 1: Short set-up

Episode 2: Puzzle-horror game

Episode 3: Survival-horror game

So Episode 3 is going to have you trying to escape the office while being hunted by Socky and friend(s). Again, maybe we should’ve added something, but that was our thought process. The gun was only for the crate in episode 2, but as you can see, you’ll need it in episode 3.

Thank you again for playing and for your feedback, it’s super helpful in improving the next one. Hope you enjoyed, and nice video :)


Love this game, spent almost 3 hours scanning trougth it. amazing. all secrets found

Thank you for playing! We’re glad you enjoyed and congrats on having the dedication to find all the secrets xD Really entertaining video :)


I know darkness is supposed to be ~spooky~ but I literally can't see anything, including key items (sometimes even with the flashlight). Also, something seems to be weird with the trigger in the first section because the transition-jumpscare doesn't always trigger? Like to the point where I was just stuck for the longest time in the first area and thought the game was broken.

This game seems like it'd be interesting but as it stands I have no way of knowing bc I physically can't progress.

Hi, we're sorry you had problems. We acknowledge that it can be hard to see some things and are working on fixing it for the next one. Not sure about the bug in the first area but we'll look into it. Restarting it should hopefully fix it 👍

Sorry again,



This was really creepy and I enjoyed how it expanded on the original. Can't wait to see episode 3. Keep up the great work! 

Thank you for playing! We really enjoyed the video and thank you for the feedback :) hope to have episode 3 to you soon :D


Socky's back! Cool game. Already played through twice just to see baggo. xD


Cool, wish there was more Socky!


Thank you for playing! We're so glad you enjoyed and we really liked the video :) Thank you for your feedback as well, we'll make sure to add more Socky next time 👍


Good game