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Quite possibly the scariest hallway you'll ever walk down...can you get to the end alive?

A Hallway is a short horror game that tasks you with walking down a hall. This game was made in about 1 hour just for fun. Let me know if you have any questions; hope you enjoy!


  • A super scary hallway
  • A jumpscare
  • A well designed hallway
  • About 1-5 minutes of playtime (depending on how many times you want to experience the hallway)
  • No really, the hallway is awesome

Extended edition: OUT NOW


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Played both the original version and the extended edition. Had fun with both! I liked the addition to the lore in the second, just couldn't figure out how to unlock the second door. I tried to hold onto both VHS tapes as an offering to the dark side but the ghosts didn't care.

First Game, a few replays :)

Extended Edition (1 Secret Room Unlocked)

Thanks for creating!

We’re glad you liked them! LOL while the ghosts do enjoy the vhs tapes, there’s a key hidden under the tv moniter’s table that unlocks the other room ;) Thanks for playing and well done videos :D


You may also enjoy our Socky’s Puppet Show series, which has a little bit more game time xD



Thanks for the heads up! I claimed a copy and will play it soon :)







Thank you for playing! We’re glad you enjoyed the hallway experience. If you’re interested, there’s an extended edition :)


Good game. I want to download it and try it


This game is awosome, even short but make me scared as well. Great jumpscare!!!

Thank you for playing! We hope you enjoyed, you can check out the extended edition if you’re interested here: https://sirdjcat.itch.io/a-hallway-extended-edition Cheers!

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I have try the extended edition, that so cool.. want to see more like that... and thanks bro.


Neat short little game. I went through a few times looking if there was any way to get through. Didn't find anything.

Will check out the extended version as well.


Thank you for playing! We hope you liked it, you can check out the extended version here: https://sirdjcat.itch.io/a-hallway-extended-edition Cheers!


This is the EXTENDED EDITION!! Check it out! 

Thank you for playing! We hope you enjoyed :)


i love the extended version great job :):):)

Thank you for playing! We’re so glad you liked it :)


hey I like magic chickens

Thank you for playing! Yes, Magic Chickens are the best of all the chickens (although space chickens come pretty close). 

What about time chickens? I think they're essential to answering whether the egg came first or the chicken.

True, true. But space chickens can travel through space and time through wormholes.


Great jumpscare. I can't wait to see the extended version.

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Thank you for playing! We promise the extended version will offer an even more awesome hallway experience (if that’s even possible). Hope you enjoyed :)

(Also, thanks for adding the note about the extended edition)


i gotta admit. it's a really nice hallway


Thank you! A lot of thought went into its design so we’re glad it paid off  :)


Typical Fun Short Game

As the description and title says, you are inside an hallway. BOO JUMPSCARE!! Okay now you die, pretty much it!


Thank you for playing! We spent hours trying to come up with a title and description so we’re glad it was accurate. Hope you enjoyed your hallway :)


Did you just troll us all? Because I spent some serious time trying to get through that door, all to be ran over by a mummy looking bastard at least 100 times. Please God tell us the secret on how to get through this door... or give us a key!

Timestamp in description

Thank you for playing! The game originally was part troll but the significant interest has motivated us to develop it further into something more than an awesome hallway. Hopefully you’ll check that out when it’s released, thank you for playing, and we hope you enjoyed your hallway :)


Still a more fleshed out game than cyberpunk, Impressive. 

Jokes aside this game gave me a laugh and even though it's simplistic I congratulate you for making the best hallway experience known to mankind :) 

(This game starts at the 16:40 mark btw)

Thank you for playing! We're glad you liked the definitive hallway experience of 2022 :)


lol fun short game i guess thank you :)

Thank you for playing! Your welcome for the best hallway experience on itch :)


Good luck with your work... good

I'm waiting for you on my channel... 

Thank you for playing! Nice video :)


LOL! Two fast jump scares will do it!  Pretty cool. Game here: 

Please subscribe to my YT channel.

Thank you for playing! Hopefully it was as terrifying as advertised :)


It delivers what it promises. It is most definitely a hallway.

Thank you for playing! Hope you enjoyed your hallway experience :)

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Nice atmosphere. Is there anything else to do besides reach the door and get killed ? Noticed there were reload + fire buttons in the controls but doesn't seem like I'm equipped with anything. Points for aesthetic though.

Thank you for the positive review! No, once you reach the end it’s over :)  We used the same code from our current big project so that’s why the extra buttons are there. 


A decent, short game. The jumpscares are pretty surprising.