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Pizza Ghost (the Pizza Ghost) has gone crazy and killed Joel McHale in the Pizza Ghost restaurant! As a trapped patron of the establishment, you must collect the 4 pizzas needed to calm Pizza Ghost down so you can escape.


The gameplay centers around solving puzzles to get the 4 pizzas while avoiding the roaming Pizza Ghost. There are puzzles to solve, objects to find, and a crazy ghost to avoid. If Pizza Ghost spots you, you can hide under a table to avoid him.

Who is Pizza Ghost?!

Pizza Ghost was a character on The Joel McHale Show.  See the man in action here.


  • Explore Pizza Ghost’s restaurant
  • Spooky atmosphere 
  • Actual voice clips from the show
  • A (sort of) smart Pizza Ghost AI
  • Fun puzzles

I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think and report any bugs :)

(Also, I know the models aren’t perfect. I had to work with what I had and what I could find for free on teh interwebs)

Legal Stuff


Update #1 is on the way, hoping to get it out before Halloween. It will include a better hiding system, bug fixes, and possibly another level (if I have time)


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10/10 Had a pizza and a ghost


Thank you! I’m glad you liked it :)

I like your little jar guy


thank for this game !

Thanks! Glad you liked it :D


Great game. Very short but very pizza. I do not think there are spare batteries regardless of what loading screens may say. Haha
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Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it; loved the video :)

i may or may not have re-used an old loading screen and forgotten to take that out


Cool game.  I'm not really too big on avoiding monsters but this quy was cool.  Unfortunately I could not finish it, for some reason I could not equip the axe?  I presume it was to break the boards on one of the doors. 

Hmm that’s odd…I’ll look into it. Thanks for playing :)

(Have you tried pressing “tab” and going into your inventory to manually equip it?)

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Hi, thanks for that.  I tryed the game again and pressed 2 as soon as I got the axe.  He pulled it out and I was able to complete the game.  Thanks again, a very fun game to play.  I love the way he says "I murdered my whole family" in the Italian accent, so funny.  

Great! Glad you were able to finish and that you enjoyed it :) Yeah his voice lines are really funny xD

I just now saw the video apparently I’m blind. Really liked it, thanks again for playing.


Thanks for the kind words.  I added the video to the comment once I completed the game.


nice puzzle

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Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed :)

There is nothing inside the box I think there should be a key


There’s a pizza in there, you collect it automatically :)