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The Dissident is an open-world third person shooter. The game was made in a month for the Unity x Humble Bundle game jam. Unfortunately, we were not able to upload the game to that because of the file size.  The game is not at a state when we would normally release, but we figured we could still send out the demo to get feedback.


  • Nice sized open world
  • 4 different guns
  • Realistic graphics
  • New missions and updates being added often

Follow MagicChickenStudios for updates on new releases and the overall game’s progress. We are very open to feedback, so if you have a problem, let us know. Enjoy!


  • At least 20 missions
  • Re-vamped character controller with cover shooting
  • Smarter AI
  • Side missions
  • Random events
  • Free-roaming wanted level
Rated 1.0 out of 5 stars
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Made withUnity
TagsOpen World, Singleplayer, Third-Person Shooter, Unity

Install instructions


  • Click on the download link
  • Open the download in file explorer
  • Unzip it
  • Open the .exe
  • Have fun!


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Overall its an amazing game especially for an initial game jam game. The art was placed in perfectly and the open world feel was awesome. There were various glitches however:

The colliders on most objects were very wonky, I'd be colliding into them before I was close to them. 

The gun and bullet shot effect was cool, but sometimes the bullet hole would spawn in midair, I believe due to the colliders.

Not a big deal, but the game over screen didn't fully render on the screen nor did the control instructions. Was there a way to pause the game? I used escape but it quit the application, and I had to start again.

The FPS in the top corner didn't work and was stuck at 100 most of the time. Unfortunately, I couldn't get very far in the city because it began lagging so badly. It may just be me, but the lag was to much.

Still overall it was quite fun to play just needs some polish.

Thank you for the feedback! We have added your problems to the list of things to fix and will make sure they are addressed. Because we made the game in a few weeks we did not have time to apply as much polish as we wanted. However you can expect that we will make sure the finished version plays smoothly without any problems. Thanks again!